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The Ikonns

The Ikonns Podcast is hosted by Alex and Mimi Ikonn. We are here to help you create and live your dream life. Join us as we discuss life and business insights with each other and our special guests. Covering topics such as life purpose, building a life that you love, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality, health, parenting and much more.

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Mar 14, 2019

In this episode Alex and Mimi explore how to overcome and best use, the innate human emotion of fear.


This is one subject where Alex and Mimi really do differ, both realising their own fears, differently in their own lives. So let’s hear what’s so scary?


Mimi has a very creative imagination that sometimes takes her fears to irrational places, like her fear of flying and swimming in deep water, these are things she fears all the time.


“I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” - Mark Twain


Meanwhile, Alex’s finds his fear in spontaneous places having never given time to think over what actually scares him… Until it creeps upon him - like finding himself in front of an unfamiliar audience that he wasn’t expecting to be speaking to.  


Alex explores the evolutionary aspects to our fear and why, as humans we are born to be afraid. Mimi concludes her stories with; whenever she overcomes fear, something good always comes from it. They both challenge the uncomfort we must go through, when talking about and facing our fears, stating the importance to do so, in order to truly grow.


Here’s how you can navigate your fear


  • Start with acknowledging your fear - respect that it’s there and we all suffer from it.
  • Talk about it - open up transparent dialogue with trusted friends and loved ones
  • Write it down - often seeing it on paper reveals just how small the fear can actually be
  • Integrate logic - moving from the creative right brain, to a more rational left brain might ease your fear
  • Rewarding yourself on the other side of overcoming fear, can soon have you loving life’s challenges
  • Do a firewalk - How to dance with your fear, realise anything is possible with Tony Robbins
  • Keep rowing - there’s no time for fear if your in the middle of the ocean - The Steven Shenley way of dealing with fear!
  • Recognise the difference between surface level fears and subconscious fears
  • The future of Alternative therapies like Hallucinogenic mushrooms and hypnotherapy


Books and resources mentioned in today’s show:

Episode: 8 - With Stephen Shanly, rowing the Atlantic Ocean

Tony Robbins - Dancing with your Fear

Tony Robbins - How to Face Your Fears

The Biology of Belief - Unleasing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles by Bruce Lipton


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