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The Ikonns

The Ikonns Podcast is hosted by Alex and Mimi Ikonn. We are here to help you create and live your dream life. Join us as we discuss life and business insights with each other and our special guests. Covering topics such as life purpose, building a life that you love, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality, health, parenting and much more.

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Mar 12, 2019

Alex and Mimi talk to Valeria Lipovetsky about her journey as one of the fastest growing and engaging YouTube content creators who has grown to almost a million subscribers in less than 3 years. In this episode, Valeria shares amazing advice on life, business and relationships for you to implement into your dream life.


As a late starter to the blogging world Valeria talks about her first exposure to YouTube. How at first she battled her beliefs, that she might not be good enough and after spending her childhood trying purposefully to be invisible, she soon realised that no one ‘does her’ better than she does. Every voice can find an audience.


She takes us behind the mindset changes that needed to happen to become who she has become today, sharing stories of how her introversion shaped her into a better observer, who could step back at any moment and see a much deeper, bigger picture.


Her story is one of taking action for herself, finding her own voice and the best ways to communicate it with authenticity.


“I had to be that saviour, I had to be my own hero, no one is going to come save you” - Valeria


Here’s what we get into:

  • Mindset vs self-awareness - how taking power into your own hands stops the world from deciding on your behalf.
  • How copying others isn’t enough, that only your authentic self can win
  • We question does balance really exist?
  • Visions vs making an actual change - the need to be consistently taking action and judging yourself only on one simple question - ‘have you done your best’?
  • The importance of over communicating in relationships and some great tips on how to avoid slowly destroying a good one.
  • Blind motivation Vs contextualism - who should we be really learning from.
  • Dealing with haters.
  • Using ego and criticism as a mirror for growth.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Valeria Lipovetsky, you can find out more about her here:




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Produced by Jason Sanderson - Podcast Tech